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Side Seal
Gusset Pouches

Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch

Side Gusset Pouch

These Pouches with gusset on side seals has become the latest packaging trend. They are well known for adding to the style and uniqueness of the product strength and is therefore widely used in packaging applications for various commercial and export packaging purposes.

Duropack Limited’s pouches are made using world-class materials and the latest technology to further ensure the best feel and finish.


Where Can I Get Custom Paper Bags?

For all of your food packaging needs, we at Duropack Limited offer a huge range of products in special sizes and colors. Premium quality and at competitive prices, our Kraft pouhes and sachets can meet your extraordinary needs.

Whether for expert or personal use, our bags are best for carrying your food products safely.

In addition, we  help you choose right customization suitable for your product. Encash business gains with right packaging.

Kraft Paper Pouches assure the least environmental impact with less plastic use without disruption in product shelf life.

Gusset Meaning?

A gusset is an extra piece of material that makes pouches roomier(i.e more volume to store). It is even used to give extra strength to the gusset bag or pouch.

Typically, it is added to either the sides of a pouch, or, the bottom of a pouch.

Types of Side Seal Gusset Pouches

Both Side Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch
Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch With Rectangle Window
One Side Kraft Paper, One Side Clear Stand Up Pouch

Why Side Gusset Pouch/ Side Gusset Pouch with Zipper/ Side Gusset Bag/ Gusset Pouch/ Zipper Gusset Pouches?

You can pack more content in a smaller bag, the amazing thing is that they expand as the bag gets filled allowing you to fill the packaging with more

If you’re having trouble deciding whether your business should use paper bags, consider the following important factors:

Advantages of using Side Gusset Pouch :-

  • Very innovative & Unique in appearance

  • Ease of use & Less Space Requirement

  • Extra strength with the help of bottom sealing

  • Standing feature, adds to better shelf display

  • Best suited for snacks, bulk packaging etc


i) Used for packaging FMCG products like Spices, Pulses, Millets, Rice, Pet foods etc.

ii) A Colored Sticker or Label can be applied for personalized branding.

iii) Available with and without Zipper

iv) Can attach one-way degassing Valves for coffee beans packaging

v) Custom Printing on Side Seal Gusset Pouches


Both Side Brown/White Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch

Both Side Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch

i) Comes in brown paper and white paper
ii) Metallised from inside for enhanced barrier properties
iii) Multi-layered structure combinations of KRAFT Paper, MET PET & PE

Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch With Rectangle Window

i) Extra clarity rectangle window allows contents to be partly visible
ii) Multi-layer structure combinations of KRAFT Paper, PE, CPP & PET

Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch With Rectangle Window
One Side Kraft Paper, One Side Clear Stand Up Pouch

One Side Kraft Paper, One Side Clear Stand Up Pouch

i) Fully transparent from one side allowing full display of contents packed
ii) Multi-layered KRAFT paper with combinations of KRAFT Paper, PE, CPP & PET

Sizes available:

W x L + BG W x L + BG Sugar/ Pulses Almonds Coffee Beans Water
1 90 x 150 + 50 3.5″ x 6″ + 2″ 100 g 50 g 30 g 100 ml
2 100 x 180 + 60 4″ x 7″ + 2.4″ 180 g 100 g 50 g 175 ml
3 130 x 205 + 70 5″ x 8″ + 2.75″ 380 g 250 g 100 g 400 ml
4 150 x 230 + 80 6″ x 9″ + 3.1″ 600 g 450 g 200 g 675 ml
5 180 x 255 + 90 7″ x 10″ + 3.5″ 1 kg 700 g 300 g 1100 ml
6 205 x 300 + 100 8″ x 12″ + 3.9″ 1.5 kg 1 kg 500 g 1800 ml
7 235 x 345 + 120 9″ x 13.5″+ 4.7″ 2 kg 1.5 kg 650 g 2500 ml


FAQs | Duropack Limited | Custom Flexible Packaging Solutions

What is the minimum quantity requirement for Printed/ Customized Pouches?2021-08-05T17:46:28+05:30

Minimum quantity for manufacturing printed/customized pouches starts from 10000 pcs. This is subject to requirement of pouch type, size and material

What is Vacuum Sealing?2020-09-25T17:47:57+05:30

This is the method of sealing that is used for both vacuum bags and pouches.
With this method, all oxygen contained in the bag is being removed.
Vacuum sealing is used for certain products so as to preserve them and ensure their longevity.

What is the difference between Stock Products and Custom Products?2020-09-25T18:08:41+05:30

We pre make our Stock pouch range in bulk and make them available even in small quantities. Here the sizes and pouches types are fixed and can’t be customized. Lead time for Stock pouches is 1-10 days. Whereas Custom Product range caters to businesses that have higher packaging requirements. Here the pouch is fully customized in the required type, size and printed as per your design. Minimum order quantity for Custom Pouches start from 20000 pcs (depending on pouch size). Lead time varies from 21-25 days.

What is flexible food packaging?2021-08-09T12:38:03+05:30

What is flexible food packaging?

Flexible food packaging formats include pouches that are non-rigid like stand up pouches, three side seal pouches, Center Seal Pouches, re-closable Spout pouches. They are an alternative to rigid packaging types like plastic bottles, glass bottles, canisters and can be used for liquid, solid or powder products.

Who should use Frosted Transparent Stand Up Pouches2021-08-09T12:39:43+05:30

Who should use Frosted Transparent Stand Up Pouches?

Anyone in need a touch of subtle elegance with this new addition to our stock line. These Frosted Transparent Stand-Up Pouches imitate the appearance of sandblasted glass, which set aside your product to be seen through semi-transparent covers. If you’re looking for a more tasteful and fashionable look to the traditional clear packaging materials, this is an ideal option, providing just the right amount of product exposure.

These are extremely versatile stand up pouches with Zipper whether you are looking for health and beauty packaging, snack packaging, or spice packaging, this frosted bags add a delicate touch to your products. A subtle frost effect, with a big impact.

The Duropack’s Doypack collection is recyclable, water-resistant, and heat sealable. Our frosted bags are designed to keep your products fresh in an airtight environment using food grade material. They are ideal for specialty food products and other nonfood items.

What is the delivery time?2020-09-25T18:10:45+05:30

If the pouches ordered pouches are available in stock, then we dispatch the pouches within 24-48 hours of order placement. Estimated delivery time depends on Consignee location.

Can Vacuum Pouches be used for pet foods?2020-09-23T18:59:52+05:30

Vacuum pouches can be used for the packaging of pet foods that need the preservation and longevity that vacuum sealing provides.

Check out our Market section for more examples where flexible packaging is being used.

Visit Contact us page for any assistance or simply drop an E-mail at

What are Factors to consider before choosing a Vacuum pouch?2020-09-24T04:39:08+05:30

There are various factors that you should put into consideration before making a choice of vacuum pouch to use for packaging.

They include the following:

  • Make sure that manufactures have authentication to produce the vacuum pouch.
  • Make sure that the vacuum pouches meet FDA standard for packaging and distribution of edible products
  • Consider the products and if they are the typical vacuum-sealable products
  • Request for samples before placing a huge order.[Contact Us]
Punch Hang Holes in Vacuum Pouches?2020-09-23T17:51:33+05:30

At times, the retailer may need to hang their vacuum packaged products> for display reasons. Additionally, customers or end product users might need to hang their products after buying them.
Owing to such needs, our vacuum bags are fitted with punch hang holes to bring about pouch flexibility.

Feel free to connect with questions and choose own custom flexible packaging solutions with us.

How can I order the samples?2020-09-25T18:06:38+05:30

Just reach out to us on Whatsapp or drop a message on our Website here. We will take it up from there.