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Side Seal
Gusset Pouches

Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch

Side Gusset Pouch

These Pouches with gusset on side seals has become the latest packaging trend. They are well known for adding to the style and uniqueness of the product strength and is therefore widely used in packaging applications for various commercial and export packaging purposes.

Duropack Limited’s pouches are made using world-class materials and the latest technology to further ensure the best feel and finish.


Where Can I Get Custom Paper Bags?

For all of your food packaging needs, we at Duropack Limited offer a huge range of products in special sizes and colors. Premium quality and at competitive prices, our Kraft pouhes and sachets can meet your extraordinary needs.

Whether for expert or personal use, our bags are best for carrying your food products safely.

In addition, we  help you choose right customization suitable for your product. Encash business gains with right packaging.

Kraft Paper Pouches assure the least environmental impact with less plastic use without disruption in product shelf life.

Gusset Meaning?

A gusset is an extra piece of material that makes pouches roomier(i.e more volume to store). It is even used to give extra strength to the gusset bag or pouch.

Typically, it is added to either the sides of a pouch, or, the bottom of a pouch.

Types of Side Seal Gusset Pouches

Both Side Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch
Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch With Rectangle Window
One Side Kraft Paper, One Side Clear Stand Up Pouch

Why Side Gusset Pouch/ Side Gusset Pouch with Zipper/ Side Gusset Bag/ Gusset Pouch/ Zipper Gusset Pouches?

You can pack more content in a smaller bag, the amazing thing is that they expand as the bag gets filled allowing you to fill the packaging with more

If you’re having trouble deciding whether your business should use paper bags, consider the following important factors:

Advantages of using Side Gusset Pouch :-

  • Very innovative & Unique in appearance

  • Ease of use & Less Space Requirement

  • Extra strength with the help of bottom sealing

  • Standing feature, adds to better shelf display

  • Best suited for snacks, bulk packaging etc


i) Used for packaging FMCG products like Spices, Pulses, Millets, Rice, Pet foods etc.

ii) A Colored Sticker or Label can be applied for personalized branding.

iii) Available with and without Zipper

iv) Can attach one-way degassing Valves for coffee beans packaging

v) Custom Printing on Side Seal Gusset Pouches


Both Side Brown/White Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch

Both Side Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch

i) Comes in brown paper and white paper
ii) Metallised from inside for enhanced barrier properties
iii) Multi-layered structure combinations of KRAFT Paper, MET PET & PE

Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch With Rectangle Window

i) Extra clarity rectangle window allows contents to be partly visible
ii) Multi-layer structure combinations of KRAFT Paper, PE, CPP & PET

Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch With Rectangle Window
One Side Kraft Paper, One Side Clear Stand Up Pouch

One Side Kraft Paper, One Side Clear Stand Up Pouch

i) Fully transparent from one side allowing full display of contents packed
ii) Multi-layered KRAFT paper with combinations of KRAFT Paper, PE, CPP & PET

Sizes available:

W x L + BG W x L + BG Sugar/ Pulses Almonds Coffee Beans Water
1 90 x 150 + 50 3.5″ x 6″ + 2″ 100 g 50 g 30 g 100 ml
2 100 x 180 + 60 4″ x 7″ + 2.4″ 180 g 100 g 50 g 175 ml
3 130 x 205 + 70 5″ x 8″ + 2.75″ 380 g 250 g 100 g 400 ml
4 150 x 230 + 80 6″ x 9″ + 3.1″ 600 g 450 g 200 g 675 ml
5 180 x 255 + 90 7″ x 10″ + 3.5″ 1 kg 700 g 300 g 1100 ml
6 205 x 300 + 100 8″ x 12″ + 3.9″ 1.5 kg 1 kg 500 g 1800 ml
7 235 x 345 + 120 9″ x 13.5″+ 4.7″ 2 kg 1.5 kg 650 g 2500 ml


FAQs | Duropack Limited | Custom Flexible Packaging Solutions

What is the minimum quantity requirement for Printed/ Customized Pouches?2020-09-25T18:09:45+05:30

Minimum quantity for printed/customized pouches starts from 20000 pcs. This is subject to requirement of pouch size and type

Can you help with revising the design of my spout pouch?2020-10-30T17:19:28+05:30

Yes, we can help with the revising of design.

How can I make payments?2020-09-25T18:04:26+05:30

Once you confirm your order, we’ll share a Proforma Invoice with you. You may NEFT/ RTGS/ IMPS/ GPAY/ UPI/ PAYTM the order amount and we will process your order. Contact us for any further questions regarding the same.

Can Zipper Stand Up Pouches be re-sealed?2020-09-25T17:46:40+05:30

Yes Zipper Stand Up Pouches can be re-sealed. Just cut off the existing seal, remove as much food as you need, then re-vacuum seal. Be sure to wipe off any food or grease residue inside near the seal area. You can also re-seal Bag after you have washed them.

Are transparent stand up pouches food grade?2021-07-31T15:12:24+05:30

Are Transparent Stand Up Pouches food grade?

YES! We are 100% Food Grade ISO approved and tested custom printed stand up pouches and facilities. After rigorous testing, their conclusion is that these bags are made from food grade materials which are safe to package food products.

Are transparent stand up pouches food grade?

#1 Leading Manufacturer of clear pouches, Transparent Stand Up Zipper Pouches and without zipper pouches, Clear Zipper Pouch, Transparent Pouch Packaging, Transparent standy pouch.

Feel free to click on Contact Us or Call/WhatsApp at +91-9999496961 / +91-9810004747

Do you offer volume discounts on your stock bags? At what quantity do volume discounts usually begin?2020-09-25T17:02:23+05:30

Yes we do. Volume discounts typically start at around 5 boxes., However, it depends on which item you are interested in. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Can Vacuum Pouches be used for pet foods?2020-09-23T18:59:52+05:30

Vacuum pouches can be used for the packaging of pet foods that need the preservation and longevity that vacuum sealing provides.

Check out our Market section for more examples where flexible packaging is being used.

Visit Contact us page for any assistance or simply drop an E-mail at

How do I get a quote?2020-09-23T16:57:18+05:30

There are 3 easy ways to get a quote.

  • You can fill our enquiry form. Just click here!
  • You can send an email to
  • You can Call/Whats App us, +91-9810004747/+91-9999496961

We promise to send a price quote very shortly.

Vacuum Pouches for Processed Foods?2020-09-18T17:58:20+05:30

If you are looking for packaging pouches for chilled, frozen or seafood, look no more. At DuroPack Limited we got you covered; we produce customized vacuum pouches that will maintain your food product freshness for long.
We have several vacuum pouches which are flexible and well suited for you.
Apart from the provision of an airless environment which helps avoid product fermentation, oxidation, and micro-organism growth, we have in-house graphic designing professionals.

We offer high-quality imprints to boost pouches appearance, customer attraction, market presence, and branding.
Don’t you need such qualities to help you thin out vacuumed product competition?
For customer convenience, we offer several add-ons to choose from.

What can be used in Vacuum packaging?2020-09-25T17:43:43+05:30

Vacuum Packaging can be used for

  • Meat, fish, chicken
  • Nuts, candy, snack foods, grains
  • Backpacking supplies
  • Disaster preparedness products
  • Important papers, documents

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