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Duropack Limited is a 32-year-old Company, engaged in the business of manufacturing and providing complete packaging solutions. Today, we are one of the few leading companies offering an innovative and diverse range of flexible packaging solutions to various manufacturing industries

We equip our manufacturing unit in Rewari with latest technology imported machines like 8 color Roto Gravure printing machine, Pouching machine, Lamination machine, Spout fixing machine, slitting machine, etc., offering specialized solutions to the packaging needs of various sectors.

Flexible packaging made simple in 4 steps

What we Offer?

We have capabilities to produce many structures using substrates of Polyester, BOPP, Metallized Polyester, Aluminium Foil, Specialized Multi-Layer Film, Kraft Paper. Our extensive product range of stock and custom pouches cater to all kinds of businesses–established or start-ups.

FAQs |Flexible Packaging Solutions

Is it possible to customize the structure of the pouch?2020-09-25T17:58:22+05:30

Yes, all kinds of customizations are possible.

Can I make minimalist or recyclable packaging into a selling point?2021-08-09T12:54:42+05:30

Can I make minimalist or recyclable packaging into a selling point?

Without a doubt, yes. This could work on at least three levels. Firstly, if you want to demonstrate that your product is environmentally-friendly. Secondly, if you want to convey that your product is plain, simple, and honest – without additives and frills. Lastly, if you wish to highlight its value for money. However, each approach may require a different emphasis to the design.

A few companies, such as Body Shop, have managed to do this convincingly. But they are the exceptions. There is consumer resistance to over packaging, but most selling environments still call for attractive packs. You may be able to make the economy a virtue – but that will depend on your marketing profile and the positioning of your product.

What is flexible plastic packaging?2021-08-09T12:17:42+05:30

What is flexible plastic packaging?

Flexible laminated packaging includes pouches, bags, envelopes, sachets, wraps, stretch films etc., They are made of easily yielding materials such as film, foil, or paper sheeting which, when filled and sealed, acquires pliable shape. Flexible plastic is the second-largest packaging material in many countries today

Are transparent stand up pouches food grade?2021-07-31T15:12:24+05:30

Are Transparent Stand Up Pouches food grade?

YES! We are 100% Food Grade ISO approved and tested custom printed stand up pouches and facilities. After rigorous testing, their conclusion is that these bags are made from food grade materials which are safe to package food products.

Are transparent stand up pouches food grade?

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How do I get a quote?2020-09-23T16:57:18+05:30

There are 3 easy ways to get a quote.

  • You can fill our enquiry form. Just click here!
  • You can send an email to info@duropackindia.com
  • You can Call/Whats App us, +91-9810004747/+91-9999496961

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