Today, Stand up pouches are seen everywhere in the retail sector. Many top and upcoming organic food brands prefer Paper Standup Pouches.

7 reasons why brands prefer Kraft Paper Pouches

Stand up pouches are flexible laminated pouches with a bottom gusset that helps the bag stand on its own. We at Duropack Limited are the most innovative and largest Standup Pouch Manufacture in Delhi, we offer Stand up pouches made out of Kraft Paper in various colors as an excellent choice for packaging food and other items. It has become a new norm, especially in the organic, tea, coffee, snack, pet food, and herbal sector.

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The following are the reasons why brands prefer Kraft paper pouches:

  • These are made out of multiple layers of Virgin Kraft Paper, PET film, PE, Aluminum film, CPP, BOPP film, etc. This gives the pouch exceptional barrier properties to keep the product inside fresh.
  • Duropack Limited makes its paper pouches using 100% food-grade raw materials.
  • Kraft stand-up pouches come with a heavy-duty zip-lock enabling the buyer to use the packet for storage of the product as well.
  • Kraft paper stand-up pouches have a significant brand presence on cluttered shelves making the brand stand out amongst its competition.

These are some of the reasons why the top and upcoming brands are using Kraft paper stand up pouches to pack their products.

Kraft Paper with window Pouch

Where to buy Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouches?

Kraft paper pouches can be purchased from Duropack Limited, based in New Delhi, India.

Duropack is a 32-year-old company and makes the best Kraft paper stand up pouches amongst other products. Both Printed and non-printed bags are available in various colors, sizes, rotogravure printed, screen printed, etc.

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