5 tips to consider the right packaging for your product

It is needless to say how any business is surrounded by challenges during its launch. From sourcing to manufacturing to financing to assessing the right distribution channels, logistics, devising a marketing plan – not only a brand has to venture into a new market/ industry but also standout with every decision taken.

Amidst all this, one very critical factor is choosing the right packaging. After all, that will lead to your first impression to your customer. Traditionally, the purpose of packaging was only to ensure that the product stays protected and is delivered safely to the customers.

Today, packaging is nothing less than a sales-man of your product safeguarding the product and also communicating your brand values and imagery at the same time. Research states that over 70% customers view packaging as a determinant in making their purchase decisions

From the marketing experts, we are bringing 5 tips to ease your decision making as far as packaging is concerned:

Narrowing down on the packaging format

When it comes to choosing the packaging format for your product, you can’t go wrong by not paying close attention to the details.

After all, packaging may just be one of the biggest factors in making your product a success.

Packaging reinforces the quality of your brand when customers know they can count on a fresh product from when it hits the shelf to when it’s in their hand.

There is a plethora of packaging formats available today like Pouches in different types, corrugated packaging, jars/ bottles, shrink wraps etc…

With your product understanding, consumer psychographics and industry trends, you should be able to shortlist the right packaging format that works for you the best.

How to measure a Stand Up Pouch Bags

Budgeting for Packing Products

Determine the scope of your budget. Determine the packaging materials/ types that fall under your budget!

Most likely, budget will be a big constraint at the time of launch.

But hey, here’s a quick fact checkper unit packaging cost is inversely proportional to the quantities in which they are procured in. Hence, lower the quantity, higher the associated costs per unit!

Find a packaging company that has ready stock solutions and supply them in smaller quantities to help you to find a right balance.

That way you don’t get to compromise on your packaging outlook without going overboard with your budgets.

Sustainability of Packaging Matters

Contribute in your way to REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. Go for a packaging supplier who is implementing eco-friendly actions to reduce their carbon footprint.

Go for a packaging format which can be reused over the period of time.

Don’t forget, that recycling is a great way to extend the life of previously used products. Make sure that the chosen packaging can be recycled and educate the same to the end consumers.

Promote recyclability and reusability via labelling on your packaging.

Kraft Paper Pouches

Packaging Logistics

While you’re evaluating the right packaging for your product, remember logistics must be looked at from two different lens:

  • Safety: The purpose of packaging is not only to attract customers, but also to keep your product safe during handling, storage and transportation. Look for packaging, which is easy to ship and durable at the same time.
  • Costs: The above point might make you wonder if going for bulkier packaging options is a more suitable option! Well, don’t forget that your product once packed would need to be shipped to your various retail/ distribution touchpoints. The bulkier your packaging is, higher would be the handling/ transportation charges. Quick tip : you might want to evaluate to go for a pouch that is lightweight but durable as against a plastic bottle.

Packaging Supplier Capabilities

Your packaging company should have the expertise to give you the right advise for your product.

They deal with multiple industries on a daily basis, so they the know the best about your specialized packaging requirements.

Keep in mind that your requirements would only increase in time, so the packaging company should be able to provide customized solutions as well in you branding.

After all packaging is one of the four essential levers of your marketing.

You should also find out if your packaging company has a good after sales support or not.

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