With ever increasing competition in the markets, the demand for effective marketing is at its peak. Companies are looking for new ways to make their products attractive to consumers. In such times having an effective and easy to use packaging is one of the main pillars of effective marketing. After all, no one wants to get pushed back by other products in attractive packaging.

Transparent packaging has emerged as a new favourite to help meet the above goals.

If you have questions or are unsure if transparent packaging is the right choice for you, you’ve come to the right place.

7 reasons why brands prefer Kraft Paper Pouches

How transparent pouches are a great option for startups?

Transparent packaging has its own USP. Ideal for startups and others looking for a pocket friendly and flexible packaging solution for their products. A nicely packed product is more likely to get picked up among a sea of options as it indirectly guarantees the quality of the product and the company that manufactures it. Therefore investment in good packaging can result in higher sales and an increased return.

Duropack offers best in class and high quality transparent packaging at competitive prices.

6 reasons Why Transparent pouches?

  • Your consumers can see what they get before buying – Many consumers complain that the opaque packaging hides the real product quality and product quantity. Transparent packaging ensures that consumers can see what they buy, thereby leading to almost zero complaints of the above nature.
  • Increases brand trust – With time the modern consumers have gotten smarter and realized the quality matters as much as quantity, if not more. Having high quality transparent packaging increases consumers’ trust in your brand.
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover – Once the cover is transparent, consumers will recognize your product for its quality, thus influencing buying decisions positively.
  • Labels for brand visibility – Despite being transparent, they still allow for brand name labelling. Thus providing the perfect balance between marketing and the raw display of your product itself.
  • Food Grade Certified & Eco-friendly – We at duropack only use food grade certified materials to meet your packaging needs for the same.
  • Multiple Designs – Transparent packaging comes in many shapes and sizes, whether you are looking for a stand up pouch packaging solution or a three side seal pouch or a vacuum pouch. All of them can be modded to fulfill these needs.

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Types of transparent pouches available?

All Three Side Seal Pouches Collage

How to purchase transparent pouches

Transparent or clear packaging pouches can give your products a new look. To get pleasure from all the advantages transparent packaging offers, you would like to partner with a packaging supplier that will customize a versatile answer that’s fully tailored to your product and your brand. For over 30 years, Duropack Limited Packaging has been doing simply that. To be told what we are able to do for you, click here to start out a voice communication with our end-to-end project management team.

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