It depends on the merchandise you propose to sell. The shelf life of any product depends upon the character of the product however Stand up Pouch permits us to feature High Barrier Protection for preservatives, Locks in Freshness, Convenience, Reseal, Reuse, Reduce Waste, Try-Me Sizes / Trial Packs, Appeal, Best Brand Awareness, Accrued/Increased Sales, Enhances consumer experience with flexible Packaging and Portability.

7 reasons why brands prefer Kraft Paper Pouches

When the food is protected against harmful factors like harmful ultraviolet illumination rays, air, water, moisture, dust, and germs, its shelf life will increase automatically. Another characteristic that affects shelf life is the approach it’s handled once being packed and prepared to ship to consumers. Since standup pouches bear loads of rough handling with none probability of tearing, they’re better than different packaging methods. Shampoo packaging and liquid soap packaging will naturally last for much longer than food.

By the edge of 2020, consumer trends are changing into a lot of health-conscious and like to snack on-the-go during this COVID-19 pandemic world. That means consumer’s merchandise is seeking ways in which to hold healthy snacks that may be adequately packed and resealed to lock within the freshness. Healthy snacking and snacking whereas on-the-go have become so fashionable that many huge corporations have seen this trend as a chance to draw in consumers. Standup pouches have since then emerged as a preferred alternative and are one of the fastest-growing versatile packaging formats. These standup pouches increase the freshness of the merchandise, are convenient and work nicely for complete awareness of the company.

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Locks in Freshness will increase Shelf Life

Lock-In Freshness, place the proper processes in situ to line the seal on the product you prepare and serve to your customers is safe can go a protracted approach toward protective your Customers, your Brand, and your Business.

Stand-up pouches for snacks increase the shelf life of dry snack products. The high-barrier materials and resealable closures used on these snack packing baggage stop punctures, odor, and moisture. which means the food stays fresh for a way longer time.

Provides your Product an anyplace Convenience and Portability

Today’s shoppers are forever on-the-go and that they prefer to take with them straightforward to hold a light-weight snack package. A compact, resealable, small, user-friendly, convenient, transportable packaging choices are a success with busy individuals as they’re going regarding their busy lives. Stand-up pouches are a wonderful snack storing possibility in homes with bottom storage space. shoppers get the good thing about snacking on the road, at the office, at home, or anyplace in between from their standup pouches as they provide convenient transportation, storage, and consumption.

Go 3Rs – Reseal, Reuse, and Reduce Waste

People can open the standup pouch, consume the snacks, seal the pouch, and apply it. The good thing about standup pouches is that they assist reduce waste as they will be reused.

  • ReuseThe design and sourcing of packaging elements should be meted out using material that may be reused over time. Avoiding non-degradable, plastic packaging is that the opening move towards reusing existing packaging resources.
  • ResealMuch of the earth’s resources are non-renewable and so wasting them puts loads of strain on the already fragile ecosystem. Resealing the out there resources, and thus putting them to use again, is the best move forward.
  • ReduceContract packagers and packaging designers ought to make sure that the unnecessarily big packets don’t seem to be created for even the smaller products. Reduction of the utilization of paper and plastic can cause a giant impact if the larger image is taken into mind.

Try-Me Sizes/Trial Packs for the Curious Consumers

All Three Side Seal Pouches Collage

Today’s shoppers are hospitable amendment and are desirous to strive following best thing. several corporations have complete this urge in individuals and have return up with try-me sizes standup pouches to assist them to satisfy their curiosity while not pinching their wallets.

Strong Appeal, higher complete Awareness, Accrued Sales

The very first thing individuals notice regarding the foodstuff is that the package it comes in. corporations have started paying a lot of attention to however their food package appearance and what worth it offers to the consumers. The standup pouches are thus created engaging enough to simply lure the consumers. They act as a wonderful brand ambassador as they sit upright, unassisted on the consumer’s shelf. they’re so a breath of contemporary air, thus giving a competitive edge to several CPG companies.

Enhance consumer experience with Flexible Packaging and Resealable Options

The closure system of the standup pouches is innovative with straightforward shut zippers or sliders. That adds value, convenience, and freshness to the food products.

These food packaging bags have gained huge quality and are acting as an efficient selling tool to form a recognizable complete and enhance their brand awareness. It’s the proper time to explore this chance and gain a competitive advantage. Standup pouches are here to remain and it’s time to make shoppers happy by giving them wonderful flexible packaging options.

To get pleasure from all the advantages stand up pouches and flexible packaging need to offer, you would like to partner with a packaging supplier that will customize a versatile answer that’s fully tailored to your product and your brand For over 30 years, Duropack Limited Packaging has been doing simply that. To be told what we are able to do for you, click here to start out a voice communication with our end-to-end project management team.

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