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Spout Pouches

White,kraft paper, transparent, black, aluminium SPOUT Pocuhes

Spout Stand up Pouches

Spout pouches are facilitated with a re-closable cap and are ideal for packaging liquids, beverages, adhesives, and even powders. Buy stand up pouches with Spout, our stock range offers a wide array of sizes suitable for filling 50 ml to 1 L liquid – cold and hot. These pouches can be customized as per your business requirement.

Spout Pouch filling machines can be used to easily fill the liquid product in flexible packaging.

All the pouches are fixed with nozzles. These nozzles are fixed either at a 90-degree angle of the pouch or in the center of the pouch. You can choose from our various sizes for Pouch size and Spout Cap size. Wine pouches are inclusive of metalized layers to improve the shelf life of the goods.

Types of Liquid packaging Spouted Pouches

Transparent Stand Up Spout Pouch

Spout Pouch

Kraft Paper Stand Up Spout Pouch

Kraft Paper
Spout Pouch

One Side Kraft Paper, One Side Clear Stand Up Pouch

Spout Pouch

Advantages of Pouches with Spout

  • User friendly allows easy pouring
  • High convenience – your customers can access the content from spout pouches easily and on the go.

  • They offer the aesthetics that very few packaging materials can offer.
  • Cost effective and space convenient alternate to plastic or glass bottles packaging
  • Transport and logistic advantages
  • Creates a strong shelf appeal


  1. Tamper proof spout allows easy pourability and reclose-ability
  2. Reliable, safe and leak-proof packaging, for both hot and cold liquids
  3. Nozzles are either fixed either in the center or in corner
  4. Our Stock range of Spout Pouches are Stand Up available in various standard dimensions
  5. For smaller quantities, a label can be applied on the pouch for branding
  6. The diameter of the spout comes in different sizes


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Transparent Spout Pouch

Transparent Spout pouches (aka. Clear Spout Pouches) are gauzy and portable. The spout pouch provides zero oozings (leakage) and aversion (resistance) from puncture. We are the #1 Liquid Packaging Spout Pouch Manufacturer from Delhi.

i) Variations: Clear Spout Pouch with Bottom Gusset, Shaped Clear Spouted Pouch, and Clear Spouted Beverage Pouch with Handle.

ii) Thickness of the Laminated Pouch is 110 Microns.

iii) Raw materials used are 100% Food Grade and our pouches are 100% recyclable.

Kraft Paper Spout Pouch

Spout pouch are at one’s disposal in numerous quantity of styles and sizes. Pouches are equipped with a cap on top, which comes up with ease of pouring and filling gives leakage proof packaging.

i) Foil-coated from inside for enhanced barrier properties

ii) Multi-layer structure combinations of KRAFT Paper, POLY, CPP


Aluminum Foil Spout Pouch

One of the broadest scrutiny of liquid products manufacturers is the safe and sound transportation of their products to retailers and then to consumers.

i) High opacity enhances printing appeal.

ii) Excellent barrier to Oxygen, water vapor and light.

iii) Multi-layered structure combinations of Aluminium Matte & Aluminium.

Sizes available :

W x L + BG W x L + BG
1 90 x 130 + 50 3.5″ x 5″ + 1″ 100 ml Centre
2 120 x 170 + 80 4.3″ x 7″ + 1.5″ 150 ml Centre/ Corner
3 140 x 200 + 80 5.3″ x 8″ x 3″ 500 ml Centre/ Corner
4 170 x 265 + 90 7″ x 10″ x3.5″ 1 L Corner

FAQs | Duropack Limited | Custom Flexible Packaging Solutions

Which are filing options are available with your spout pouches?2020-10-30T17:20:31+05:30

One can choose many ways to fill your pouches:

  • Top Heat Seal – We can leave the top edge of the pouch/bag open for you to heat seal
  • Bottom Heat Seal – We can leave the bottom edge open for you to heat seal
  • Spout Fill – You can fill your substance through the actual spout
  • Resealable Pouches – If you’re packing a product with greater coherence we can also provide a reseal.
How Spout Pouches Are Revolutionizing The Liquid Packaging Industry
What information should I have before requesting a quote for spout pouches?2020-10-30T17:04:00+05:30

The information that is needed is the basic information about spout pouches includes the dimensions of the pouches, artwork (graphics/branding), add-on features and options (if any), quantity.

If the information is not clear enough, getting in touch with Duropack Limited’s sales team will certainly be of help in answering all questions.

What are Clear Spout Pouches?2020-11-02T16:11:26+05:30

Clear spout pouches or Transparent spout pouches are transparent conglomerations that are used in packaging different types of liquid products.

You will never worry about punctures or leakages of the content in these pouches as they are leakage and puncture-proof.

Do you need a machine to fill a Spout Pouch?2020-10-30T17:24:22+05:30

All of our spout bags can be filled in production lines or by hand. Hand filling, would be recommended if you fill it directly using the spout or above the pouch or bag.

Can you help with revising the design of my spout pouch?2020-10-30T17:19:28+05:30

Yes, we can help with the revising of design.

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