Stand Up Pouches
with Degassing Valves

Stand Up Pouches With Degassing Valves

Stand Up Pouches with Degassing Valves

Coffee beans and fermented food products need special packaging as they need to be protected from oxygen, moisture and light. However, these products emit gases like CO2 when packed. Using a good quality valve serves to discharge gases without contact with oxygen, water vapor. As a result, attaching valves to Stand Up pouches ensures maintaining product freshness, aroma, taste.


  • Degassing Valves allow release of natural gases produced from products Coffee and other fermented products, thereby preventing oxygen from entering inside
  • These valves keep natural taste, flavour and aroma intact


Attachable Degassing Valves


WICO Valves are sealed into pre-fabricated pouches or integrated in automatic form-fill-seal machines

One Way Valve Deflushes Gases Flushes Out Gases (Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide And Nitrogen) That Can Hamper Quality Of Coffee Beans


Flushes out gases (Oxygen, Carbon dioxide and Nitrogen) that can hamper quality of Coffee beans

Retains Quality Maximizes Shelf Life Of The Product


Maximizes Shelf life of the product

Used For Packaging Products Like Coffee, Kimchi And Other Fermented Products


Used for packaging products like Coffee, Kimchi and other fermented products