Tea Packaging

Stand up pouches, three side seal pouches, kraft paper pocuhes for Tea Packaging

Tea Packaging

India is the second largest producer of tea in the world. Tea and Coffee manufacturers are quickly realising that packaging is a crucial part of selling their product. Many tea companies are now switching to flexible packaging solutions from traditional tin box packaging. At Duropack Limited, we understand that quality packaging and premium-ness are essentials for Tea packaging, so we use thick materials for rigidity and high barrier properties to make your products really stand out.

Our barrier film technology preserves freshness and aroma of Green Teas and other Organic Teas through specialised films for light, oxygen and moisture retention properties. Choose from a robust product line that includes 2 layer, 3 layer and 4 layer multi-laminates with metallized/ foil providing high barrier structures as per your requirements.

Tea Packaging Solutions

Our stock and Custom printed packaging bags allow you to choose the sizes and features that suits your needs. Packaging can be customized with branded artworks and additional features like zipper closures to ensure flavour retention, Euro slot for hanging, D-Cut for holding heavy bags etc.

Popular packaging options for Tea include:

Resealable flexible stand up Pouches are a perfect choice for packaging Tea products. The bottom gusset provides ample space and allows the pouch to stand on shelf. You may choose from our range of Stock Stand Up Pouches (Metallized/ Coloured/ Kraft Paper) or go for customization depending on your requirements.

Pillow pouches with a choice of specialized laminates for enhanced barriers, also make an economical and effective structure. These can be taken in roll form or as pouches. These pouches can also be customized with a Zipper.

These are a go-to option for sachets and smaller SKUs for tea packaging. Sealed from 3 sides with a choicest laminate structure, you may also go for a re-sealable zipper on one side.

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