Snack Food

Snack Food Packaging

Whether it’s instant mixes, granola, cereals, namkeens, chips, or pasta. Our flexible pouches are perfect for a wide range of dry ingredients products. The flavor is the most important aspect of these products, hence the right packaging is essential to ensure taste preservation and freshness until consumed. Multilayer packaging pouches are increasingly becoming popular across the food industry owing to their high barrier properties.

At Duropack Limited, we provide customized packaging solutions that have unmatched quality and versatility. Our air-tight, tamper-resistant pouches ensure crispiness, preserving your products’ taste until consumed. Choose from a wide product range of our Stock or tailor-made packaging solutions with laminates that suit your requirements

Snack Foods Packaging Solutions

Our stock and Custom printed packaging pouches allow you to choose size and features that suit your needs. You can even do Nitrogen flushing in all our Pouches, be it with or without Zipper to maintain the crispiness of your product. Packaging can be made more appealing when customized with branded artworks and additional features like zipper closures, Euro slot for hanging, D-Cut for holding heavy bags, etc. Some of the commonly used laminates are structures that are MET PET/ PET/ PE/ BOPP/ POLY/ Kraft Paper depending on the product.

Popular packaging options for Snacks Foods include:

Pasta, nuts, granola are often packed in Stand Up pouches to provide premium freshness and reseal-ability, and reusability. Stand-up Pouches are available in various options and suited for packaging a diverse variety of Snack foods. Our Stand Up pouches provide a very resistance against the air to keep intact the crispiness and freshness of your product. Customizations in your design with our Rotogravure printing facility further adds to the product appeal.

Pillow pouches are cost-effective and an excellent packaging choice of seasonings, dry powders. These can be taken in roll form or as pouches. A good laminate structure keeps the product quality and aroma intact.

These pouches are easy to transport and consumer-friendly. Sealed from 3 sides, and heat-sealable from one, you may also opt for a re-sealable zipper. These are more commonly used for smaller sizes and single-use applications.