Pet Foods

Pet Food Packaging

Pet Foods Packaging

Flexible packaging is a convenient, versatile and functional packaging solution for pet food, pet treats and pet care products.

India is one of the fastest growing pet care market in the world with growth recoded across sub-categories like pet food, pharmaceuticals, toys, grooming and accessories. Packaging is a big part of promotion in Pet food industry; hence, it should be durable and moisture proof to ensure product safety.

Duropack’s pouches can pack Food for your pets in stylish, high quality multi-layer flexible packaging. Keep your pets healthy with some healthy Pet Food. Store large portions of pet food with wholesale food packaging solutions. We provide cat food packaging bags, horse food packaging, Dog food packaging, ensuring the health of your pets at all times.

At Duropack Limited, we provide high strength laminate solutions with resistance against moisture, heat, abrasive. Our customized packaging solutions hold high visual appeal and provide customers with easy-to-use functionality.

Pet Food Packaging Solutions

Pet Food Packaging Material is available in varied finish styles and construction options as per the specific demands of our industrial customers. For pet food storage we also recommend to use oxygen absorbers for a longer product shelf life. The formats we offer includes Three Side Seal Pouches, Zipper pouches, Colored Pouches with window and others as per the specific demands of your brand.

Our stock and Custom printed packaging pouches allow you to choose size and features that suits your needs. Packaging can be made more appealing when customized with branded artworks and additional features like zipper closures, Euro slot for hanging, D-Cut for holding heavy bags etc. Some of the commonly used laminates are structures are MET PET/ PET/ PE/ BOPP/ POLY/ Kraft Paper/ Nylon film depending on the product.

Popular packaging options
for Pet Food include:

Are a go-to option for reseal-ability and reusability. Stand up Pouches are available in various options and suited for packaging a diverse variety of dry/ fresh pet foods. Our Stand Up Pouches have a good resistance against moisture, making them an ideal choice for dog treats, cat food, fish and turtle food. Customizations in your design with our Rotogravure printing further adds to the product appeal and entices buyers with nutritional facts of your product.

Sealed at center at the back of the pouch, pillow pouches give a minimal look and with a high seal strength, thereby making an excellent packaging choice. A tailored choice of laminate prevents oxidation and moisture in order to maintain freshness of the product. These can be taken in roll form or as pouches.

This convenient packaging format comes with 3 sides sealed and one side open for filling. Its an ideal choice for brands to keep freshness intact. These pouches are easy to transport and can be customized with a re-sealable zipper.