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Hot & Cold Beverages Packaging

From traditional usage of bottles and cans, various beverage industries are now looking for sustainable Flexible laminates packaging solutions. Opting for flexible pouches not only reduces the carbon footprint, but also allows you to save enormously on transportation costs. Beverage sector is quite diverse and includes edible and non-edible range. Edible products include Tea, Coffee, Sauces, Syrups, Honey, Cocktail/ Mocktail mixers, Cooking oils etc. Taste Preservation is most critical for this sub-segment. While non-edible range includes Detergents, Hand Wash soaps, Dish Wash liquids, Body Oils, Shampoos, lotions etc. Generally, non-edible range comprises of high-density liquids, so good strength of the packaging material is a must.

At Duropack Limited, we use special engineered barrier films that are well suited for all kinds of liquids – hot or cold. With multi-layer laminates, we make these pouches puncture resistant and moisture proof. We also give a Spout option with these pouches for easy pourability and consumption.

Hot and Cold Beverages Packaging Solutions

Our stock and Custom printed packaging bags allow you to choose the sizes and pouch features that suits your needs. The stock pouches in our Stand Up Spout pouches are ideal for both hot and cold liquid filling. Depending on the nature of the liquid to be packed, pouch structure can be customized to give optimum strength and high barrier properties. Spout position can also be customized with Center or corner placement. You may also choose the Spout size from 10 mm, 16mm, 21 mm diameter options. Our inhouse Rotogravure printing facility allows further customization and adds to the product appeal. You may choose from a variety of laminates of Kraft Paper/ Aluminium/ PET/ POLY/ METPET etc.

Popular packaging options
for Beverages include:

When a customer opens your liquid pouch, they can easily pour the sauce, handwash, honey, oil, syrups etc. and close back the cap for later use. The bottom gusset allows the pouch to stand on shelf and provides ample space for branding. You may also go for custom printing to amplify product visibility.

These are a go-to option for smaller pouches, specially sachets to pack dips, sauces, mixers etc. Sealed from 3 sides with a choicest laminate structure, you may go for corner or center spout placement. These pouches are not only light weight but also, extend the product shelf life.