Frozen Food

Frozen Food Packaging

Frozen Food Packing

Frozen Food industry is growing at a fast pace. It offers ‘convenience’ and is hence gaining acceptance widely.

The first and foremost objective of packaging is to protect a product from physical, chemical and biological hazards. It also performs various other functions i.e. Frozen Food product handling and transportation much easier, tardily storage and stack-ability, for carrying information to customer, enhancing products’ appearance and consumer appeal, brand propagation and advertising and so on.

Cheese, vegetables, semi cooked meals are major products of frozen food. While freezing, most frozen food expands up to 9% (for e.g.- frozen seafood packaging) depending on their moisture content. Thus, the packaging material should be strong and flexible to accommodate these changes.

At Duropack Limited, we provide high strength packaging solutions, able to withstand freezing temperature and sustained sealing. This ensures product quality, safety and shelf life stability. Our customized packaging solutions hold high visual appeal and provide customers with easy-to-use functionality.

For packing frozen food products, our Pouches are:
● Capable to defy subzero temperatures for the length of product’s shelf life. We keep in mind that Certain materials become brittle and fragile at low temperatures.
● Fully Food packaging solutions ensure that the material doesn’t leach out its contents and tampers the flavor of the food packed
● Excellent strength to hold the product and protect it from physical diligence of handling, transport, loading, unloading etc.
● DP’s food packaging materials are flexible enough to accommodate physical product property changes when contents are frozen

Frozen Food Packaging Solutions

Our customized pouches allow you to choose size and features that suits your needs. Packaging can be made more appealing when customized with branded artworks and additional features like zipper closures, Euro slots for hanging, D-Cut for holding heavy bags etc. Some commonly used laminates are structures of PET/ PE/ POLY/ Nylon film, depending on the product.

Popular packaging options
for Frozen Food include:

Catching the trend for reseal-ability and reusability, Stand Up pouches are commonly used to pack Frozen food also. Stand up Pouches are available in various options and suited for packaging diverse range of Frozen food products like dairy, vegetables, dips, nuts etc. Our Custom choice of laminates provides high barrier packaging protection and maintains the nutritional value of the frozen product. Stand Up pouches have a great on-shelf impact that adds to the consumer appeal.

Frozen Foods packed in vacuumed packaging keep better as the product is fully cut off from the air, thus dehydration and oxidation are out of options. Microbial growth is also arrested as oxygen is not available for their respiration. However, there are anaerobic bacteria that grow well in absence of oxygen i.e. toxin produced by C. botulinum which causes food poisoning), therefore we it should be ensured that product is free from such contamination at the time of packing.

These are high barrier pouches, giving ultimate protection from Oxygen and moisture to the product. We use nylon films that are high strength and most ideal choice to pack frozen food. With a wide seal on three sides, our Vacuum pouches are fully waterproof and can be used with Vacuum sealers. Our custom range offers wide applications to store fresh and cooked food. Not only our Vacuum pouches are lightweight but also, they extend the product shelf life.