Dry Fruit

Dry fruits packing for Almond packaging, cashew packaging, nuts packaging, Dates packaging

Dry Fruit Packaging

Dry fruits are consumed all year long as rich dietary foods. With an increasing popularity in healthy snack market, this segment is becoming more competitive in time. Studies claim that packaging appeal is most critical in this segment. After all, in customer’s eye that’s what differentiates your product from others. Our range of flexible pouches are perfect for a premium and attractive packaging.

At Duropack Limited, our packaging range offers high durability, excellent tear resistance and prestigious look for an ultimate shelf appeal. Our stock and customized packaging solutions for dry fruits offer high grade atmospheric resistant solutions for longer shelf life. Choose from a wide product range of our Stock or tailor-made packaging solutions with laminates that suit your requirements.

Dry Fruits Packaging Solutions

Our stock and Custom printed packaging pouches allow you to choose from a wide range of sizes and laminate structures. You can even do Nitrogen flushing in all our Pouches, be it with or without Zipper to keep them. Our in-house Rotogravure printing facility further adds to the packaging appeal. Additional features like zipper closures, Euro slot for hanging, tear notch, D-Cut for holding heavy bags etc. can be incorporated in any pouch. Some of the commonly used laminate structures for packing Dried fruits are MET PET/ PET/ PE/ BOPP/ POLY/ Kraft Paper/ Aluminium.

Popular packaging options
for Dry Fruits include:

Almonds, Raisins, Cashews, Walnuts, Dates, Berries etc. are often packed in Stand Up pouches, given their high aesthetic appeal and reusability. Easy to fill and seal, these pouches look premium on shelf, given their flat bottom. Stand up Pouches are available in various options, suited for packaging all kinds of dried fruits. Customizations in your design with our high definition 8 colour Rotogravure printing facility further adds to the product appeal.

Center Seal pouches are cost effective and most conventional form of packaging. These can be taken in roll form or as pre-made pouches. A good laminate structure provides durability and high barrier properties.

Three Side Seal pouches are more often used for smaller SKUs. Convenient sealing and easy transportation make these pouches a preferred choice. Sealed from 3 sides, and heat sealable from one, you may also opt for a re-sealable zipper for reusability purposes.

These are high barrier pouches giving ultimate protection from Oxygen and moisture to the product. With a wide seal on three sides, our Vacuum pouches are fully waterproof. With multi-layer laminates, our Vacuum pouches are light weight and extend the product shelf life.