Confectionery Packaging

Confectionery market is quite mature in terms of packaging and distribution of its products. More often its noticed, that an attractive packaging instantly stirs up impulsive buying decisions for bakery items, candies, cookies, chocolates etc. This is because the Confectionery audience is more experimental and is highly influenced by packaging. Hence, it has become more prevalent for confectionery brands to indulge in innovative packaging solutions.

At Duropack Limited, we aim to keep up with the new trends in the market to offer attractive packaging solutions.

Confectionery Packaging Solutions

Introducing flexible packaging solutions for confectionery products, making them into a delightful snack for every occasion. We produce a wide range of packaging materials suitable for confectionery packaging and custom chocolate packaging, including resealable 3 side seal and center seal pouches.

Our stock and Custom printed packaging pouches allow you to choose size and features that suits your product needs. Packaging can be customized with branded artworks and additional features like zipper closures, Euro slot for hanging, D-Cut for holding heavy bags etc. Some of the commonly used laminates are structures Alumnium foil/ MET PET/ PET/ PE/ BOPP/ POLY/ Kraft Paper.

Popular packaging options
for Confectionery include:

Stand Up Pouches are very popular to pack Candies, Cookies, pre- made cake mixes etc. Sturdy and resealable, these pouches look very attractive when they stand on shelves. Stand up Pouches are available in various options and suited for packaging multiple Confectionery products. Our Stand up pouches provide a very good resistance against air, dust and other contaminating agents. Customizations in your design further adds to the product appeal.

These is a very common choice for packing energy bars, chocolates bars and toffees. These can be taken in roll form or as pouches. Center seal pouches are cost effective and can be customized for any shape and size.

Three Side Seal pouches are also commonly used in many confectionery products, especially candies. These pouches are easy to transport and can be hanged using a punch hole or a euro slot. Sealed from 3 sides, and heat sealable from one, you may also opt for a re-sealable zipper.