Coffee Packaging

Coffee Packaging

Freshly roasted coffee beans need intense packaging care. From protecting your blend to promoting your brand, at Duropack Limited, we provide a range of Coffee packaging solutions that keeps coffee beans afresh for longer durations.

Our range of formats, structures coupled with specialized degassing valves prevent external influences from distorting the aroma and taste. Choose from a robust product line that includes 2 layer, 3 layer, and 4 layer multi-laminates with metalized/ foil providing high barrier structures as per your requirements.

Coffee Packaging Solutions

Our stock and Custom printed packaging bags allow you to choose the sizes and features that suit your needs. Packaging can be customized with branded artworks and additional features like specialized Degassing Valves. Freshly roasted coffee beans generate gases like Carbon dioxide. Packaging them without any outlet for the escape of these gases can burst open the packaging. Hence, the roasted coffee must be protected using specialized degassing valves to protect the aroma and prevent exposure to oxygen, water vapor, and light. To achieve an optimum shelf life of 12 to 24 months, we use best-in-class WICOVALVES to evacuate Oxygen and flush out Nitrogen and Carbon dioxide.

Popular packaging options for Coffee include:

The wicovalves can be sealed into prefabricated Stand Up Pouches. The bottom gusset provides ample space and enhances the shelf appeal of the pouch. You may choose from our range of Stock Stand Up Pouches (Metallized Pouches / Colored Pouches / Kraft Paper Pouches) or go for customization with Rotogravure printing as per your design.

Three Side Pouches with Degassing Valves

Sealed from 3 sides with specialized laminate structure can be integrated with Degassing valves. Re-sealable zippers can also be given. We at Duropack Limited provide these pouches in various colors and designs as per the needs of the clients at a highly competitive quality.