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Every time you talk to someone about your business, every discussion about your company is an opportunity to advance your business and increase your deals.

The methodology presented will help you center. We will differentiate between different ways to communicate with customers. , And focus on the things that can close the most deals through packaging.

It mentions what to say to you, how to state it, and who needs to express it to make more deals. Since timing is fundamental, it tells you when to state. , As well as.

Our flexible packaging products are used across a diverse range of industries. As one of the leaders in the field of flexible packaging solutions, Duropack Limited is a reliable and innovative supplier of packaging laminates solutions for use throughout food and non-food industries.

We understand the specialized packaging needs for various sectors and provide tailor solutions to various industries. All packaging options are available in different sizes and can be customized with printing.

How to choose packaging a brand/standup might need for optimal brand awareness and shelf-conversion?

Start by ensuring your packaging is functional and that it keeps the contents secure and protected. Take into account the different situations the packaging may need to function in: applying the packaging to the product; storing it on your premises; delivery or postage; storage and display at a retailer or wholesaler; delivery or collection by a customer; opening and possibly resealing by the end-user.

Secondly, ensure that the packaging identifies its contents and complies with legal requirements with regard to labeling. Packaging may also include instructions on how to handle the packaging and use the product.

Thirdly, take into account the packaging’s role in marketing. Ensure that the quality of the packaging is consistent with your brand. If the product will be displayed in a shop, design the packaging to help sell the product.

Depending on your product, you may need anything from Stand Up Pouches, Kraft Paper Pouches, Pouches with Degassing Valve, 3 Side Seal Pouches to Customized Printed Pouches. The main categories of packaging are likely to be:

  • Extend shelf life with flexible packaging.
  • Secure consumer convenience.
  • Reduce waste from the start.
  • Create shelf life appealing with flexible packaging.
  • Labels for the identification or to hold care instructions, ingredient lists, or fiber content details.

Closely allied to the present sector is a purpose of sale material, which can embrace worth stickers, leaflet dispensers, and counter display packs.

Common Features of All Pouches :

  1. Use of virgin raw materials making the pouch fully recyclable
  2. Leak proof and moisture resistance
  3. Durability that offers high strength
  4. Easy to carry pouches
  5. Structure combinations of PET/ MET PET/POLY/ PE/ KRAFT PAPER/ ALUMINIUM/ Nylon film

Common markets where our pouches are used are:

Stand up pouches, three side seal pouches, kraft paper pocuhes for Tea Packaging
Dry Fruits Packaging Collage