Spout pouches are flexible laminated pouches with a spout on the top or side for liquids and beverages. They come in various sizes and structures for different types of products.

How Spout Pouches are revolutionizing the Liquid Packaging industry?

The most complex type of packaging is for liquids. Companies who are packing drinks and beverages, hot or cold, want to fill successfully, display, store, and transport the product while ensuring no leakage or contamination in the packaging used. Spout Pouches make sure that the packaging pouch meets these conditions

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Stand up pouches with a spout offers a perfect solution that is a great choice to pack various beverages and other liquids. As they can stand on their own and have a large surface area, Branding looks nice. It stands out amongst other similar products packed in jars and bottles, as the branding area is not sufficient. By using spout pouches, your brand also comes across as modern, inventive. The company comes across as one who cares for the environment. The carbon footprint of such a liquid packaging pouch is much less than other traditional options.

Different types of beverages or liquids require unique structures to ensure no leakage or degradation of the product’s quality. Pouch manufacturing company must provide the following points :-

  1. Certified food-grade raw materials.
  2. ISO certification for food and safety management.
  3. Excellent rotogravure printing technology.
  4. Pouches should be easily recyclable.
  5. Modern machinery to fix the spout as sealing is critical there.
  6. Seaworthy packaging cartons so that the bags are not damaged during transit and are dust-free.

The following products can use spout pouch:

  1. Juice Packaging.
  2. Hot Tea Packaging.
  3. Alcohol, Cocktail mix packaging.
  4. Cold beverage packaging.
  5. Hot and Cold Coffee Packaging.
  6. Different types of Sauce Packaging.
  7. Honey Packaging
  8. All Kinds of syrup packaging.
  9. Liquid soap packaging.
  10. Liquid handwash packaging.
  11. Grease, Oil, and Solvents packaging.
  12. Milkshake Packaging.

We at Duropack Limited ensure that we give the best quality spout pouches to our customers, printed pouches and non printed pouches, in various sizes and low MOQs.

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