Understanding The Growth in Frozen Food Stand Up Pouches Manufacturing

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In recent years, the demand for frozen foods has been expanding at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of ~17.74% during the 2019-2024 period. Following the rapid increase in the number of supermarkets and retail stores, along with proper refrigeration facilities. The frozen foods market in India was valued at INR 85.27 Bn in 2019 and is expected to reach INR 192.96 Bn by 2024.

The building and enhancement of new cold storage facilities is being supported by government schemes like Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH) and Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sampada Yojana (PMKSY). Advancement from these cold chain infrastructures has spurred growth in the country’s frozen food market.

Benefits of Food Stand Up Pouches

Frozen foods by and large(most of the time) do not require additional packaging for protection. Their frozen state allows them to be sufficient to protect them from damage during transport & storage. Hence, the frozen food industry has altogether reckoned on inexpensive packaging methods. But things have been capricious for good as more manufacturers are gaining ground in this huge growing industry, perceiving the advantages of flexible food pouches in flexible food packaging. 

Retail industry which has been successfully using stand up bags for several years. The few frozen food manufacturers, who are already into flexible food packaging, have reported very uplifting results.

Improved shelf-life and packaging of frozen foods has further fueled market growth. Consequently, several frozen food providers are investing in various technologies to store frozen vegetables, frozen meat/fish, and partially and fully-cooked food for longer durations. With busy lifestyles and rising disposable income, frozen Ready To Cook (RTC) and Ready To Eat (RTE) products are becoming consumer’s preferred choices.

It offers ‘convenience’ and is hence gaining acceptance widely. Dairy, vegetables, dips, Nuts, Cheese and semi cooked meals are major products of frozen food.

Note:- While freezing, most frozen food expands upto 9% depending on their moisture content. Thus, the packaging material should be strong and flexible to accommodate these changes. Feel free to contact us or visit us, Our Sales Executive will help you in choosing right flexible packaging solution [Stock Flexible Packaging Solutions | Custom Flexible Packaging Solutions].

Multi Layers
Bottom Gusset Stand Up Pouch
Resealable Zipper
Tear Notch
Euro Slot/ Round Hole
Leak Proof Pouches

Market segment insights

Based on the sales channel, the Indian frozen food market[Link – Market] is segmented into retailers, food service providers and export. In 2019, the export segment held ~47.64% of the total market revenue. The frozen food export was the leading sales segment in 2019 contributing to ~47.64% of the total market revenue during the year. This segment is anticipated to dominate till the end of 2024, as the demand for food continues to rise globally.

Retailer segment is expected to be the fast-growing segment, expanding at a CAGR of 21.44% during the forecast period and is expected to account for ~22.78% of the frozen food market revenue by 2024. The rising popularity of convenience foods including frozen vegetables, frozen meat and frozen snacks among working women, millennial’s, and Gen-Z consumers is expected to push retailers to increase their storage capacity of frozen foods. Moreover, surge in smartphone usage and increased penetration of the Internet have created opportunities for online grocery stores like Big-basket, Amazon and Grofers to enter the frozen food market in India.

The retail industry is expected to be a fast-growing business, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 21.44% during the forecast period, and is expected to account for approximately 22.78% of the frozen food market revenue by 2024. Frozen meat and frozen snacks among professional women, millennial’s and Gen-Z consumers are expected to push retailers to increase their frozen food storage capacity. In addition, the surge in smartphone usage and the popularity of the Internet have created opportunities for online grocery stores such as Big-basket, Amazon, and Grofers to enter the Indian frozen food market.

Here are six reasons consumers purchased more frozen foods:

  1. Frozen food has a long shelf-life.
  2. Consumers want to stock up on frozen food in case of food shortages.
  3. Purchasing frozen food allows consumers to limit the number of trips they make to the grocery store.
  4. Frozen food is easy to prepare.
  5. Making frozen food saves a lot of preparation and cleanup time.
  6. Many consumers believe that that frozen food is safer than fresh items right now.
  7. The most frequently purchased products were frozen vegetables, meat/poultry and pizza, shows survey results. As well, first-time purchases were highest for meat/poultry, sides, fruit and entrees. Both single-serve and multi-serve entrees increased sales by double digits.

Stand up bags are excellent options for both dry food packaging and liquid products, such as pet food, liquid household cleaners, personal care items, chemical products, and granular products like salt or sugar. Once complete, the stand up pouch is extremely durable and user-friendly – both for consumers and for your profits!

Vacuum sealer bags are able to lock in the freshness that they love without deteriorating quality, flavor, color, or texture. Although the health conscious crowd is aware that frozen vegetables are processed, that can be frozen with shrink wrap bags for food while still remaining a healthy choice.

What we offer

Stock Products – 

  • Transparent Stand Up Pouch
  • Metallized Stand Up Pouch
  • One Side Metallized Stand Up Pouch
  • Colored Stand Up Pouch
  • Colored Stand Up Pouch with Window
  • Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch
  • Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch with Window
  • One Side Kraft Paper One Side Clear Stand Up Pouch
  • Aluminium Stand Up Pouch
  • Stand Up Pouch with Degassing Valve
  • Spout Pouch

Customized Products –

  • Printed Pouches
  • Vacuum Pouch
  • Three Side Seal Pouches
  • Center Seal Pouches
  • Printed and Laminated Rolls
Can Duropack Limited print a matte coating in register with our design?2020-09-23T17:20:38+05:30

Yes, Duropack Limited can register a matte coating printed design on Stand up Pouch, Paper Pouch , Zipper Pouch, ETC. Please contact your Duropack Limited representative for exact print tolerances and products we offer. Feel free to call at +91-9999496961 or at +91-9717345777.

Can stock pouches be custom printed?2020-09-23T17:37:07+05:30

Printing is done when the packaging is still in a roll stock format. Therefore any printing on pouches is considered to be a custom packaging project.

Do you need a machine to fill a Spout Pouch?2021-08-09T13:20:11+05:30

All of our spout bags can be filled in production lines or by hand. Hand filling, would be recommended if you fill it directly using the spout or above the pouch or bag.

How can I pass the cost of packaging on to my customers?2021-08-09T12:50:02+05:30

How can I pass the cost of packaging on to my customers?

Your customers are already paying indirectly for your raw materials, your staff payroll, your rent, your electricity, and your delivery costs. Packaging expenses are merely another running-cost component that needs to be considered before setting your selling price. Well-designed packaging is unlikely to cost more than the packaging used by your competitors – unless it is notably better, in which case you can congratulate yourself for creating a valuable point of difference.

How do I know whether to use basic, functional packaging or invest money in a stylish design?2021-08-09T13:00:41+05:30

How do I know whether to use basic, functional packaging or invest money in a stylish design?

This depends on your product, however, you spell it, and it’s market positioning.

If you sell animal feed or cement, for example, then your packaging will be basic – as long because it identifies the product. If you sell food market products, you may need the package to appear smart and sell itself from the shelf. If you’re merchandising a premium product appreciate fragrance or chocolates, then the standard of the packaging style is important in transference a promise to the buyer. Premium way products tend to create bigger profits, therefore any investment you create in packaging can pay off.

How does flexible packaging work?2021-08-09T12:37:39+05:30

How does flexible packaging work?

Converting is simply changing something into a different form. In the case of flexible packaging, converting would be the process of utilizing films, foils and resins and through the process of lamination, forming them into a multilayer structure.

How soon is the material dispatched after order is placed?2021-08-27T10:42:08+05:30

How soon is the material dispatched after order is placed?

We have a 48H dispatch policy for stock products and for custom order its 2-4 weeks depending on the size of order. But feel free to ask your Sales representative for delivery date.


Feel free to click on Contact Us or Call/WhatsApp at +91-9999496961 / +91-9810004747

What are Clear Spout Pouches?2021-08-09T13:19:16+05:30

What are Clear Spout Pouches?

Transparent Spout Pouch also knows as :- spout pouch , spout pouch manufacturers , spout pouch price , spout pouch manufacturers in india , juice spout pouch , , spout pouch manufacturers in delhi , spout pouch printing , liquid pouch bag with spout , spout pouch manufacturers in mumbai , spout pouches manufacturers in bangalore , spout pouch manufacturers ahmedabad , spout pouch manufacturers in hyderabad , spout pouch with cap , stand up pouch with spout suppliers , 50ml spout pouch , biodegradable spout pouch , buy spout pouch , clear spout pouch , custom spout pouches , liquid pouch with spout , side spout pouch , spout pouch manufacturers in chennai , spout pouch manufacturers in coimbatore , spout pouch manufacturers in kolkata , spout pouch market , spout pouch online , spout pouch packaging , spout pouch price in india , spout pouch suppliers , spout pouch wholesale , spout pouch wholesale in delhi , spout pouches india , spout pouches suppliers in bangalore , spout pouches uk , stand up pouch spout , stand up pouch with spout , standing pouch with spout , transparent spout pouch , 250 ml spout pouches , buy liquid pouches with spout

Transparent Spout Pouch also knows as :- Clear spout pouch

Clear spout pouches or Transparent spout pouches are transparent conglomerations that are used in packaging different types of liquid products.

You will never worry about punctures or leakages of the content in these pouches, as they are leakage and puncture-proof.

What are the types of flexible packaging?2021-08-09T12:37:09+05:30

What are the types of flexible packaging?/What are different types of flexible packaging materials?

Various film types include :

  • Polyolefin (POF)
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
  • Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)
  • Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET, PETE)
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC, Vinyl)
What are Transparent Stand up pouches?2021-08-09T12:47:50+05:30

What are Transparent Stand up pouches?

Our Transparent Stand Up Pouches/Bags are made of high quality virgin raw materials that increases their strength and preserves the freshness of your products for a long time. These bags are transparent (or see-through) on both sides so that we have a clear view of the products.

What are Transparent Stand up pouches and Where to buy?

  • Thickness of the Laminated Pouch is 110 Microns
  • Raw materials used are 100% Food Grade and our pouches are 100% recyclable
  • A Colored Sticker or Label can be applied for personalized branding
  • Packaging Pouches used for FMCG products like Spices, Pulses, Millets, Rice, Dry Fruits, Pet Foods etc.

#1 Leading Manufacturer of clear pouches, Stand Up Zipper Pouches and without zipper pouches, Clear Zipper Pouch, Transparent Pouch Packaging, Clear standy pouch.

Feel free to click on Contact Us or Call/WhatsApp at +91-9999496961 / +91-9810004747

What are your lead times?2020-09-09T15:54:31+05:30

The Lead times will depend on the type of structure and printing design that you require. Our typical lead times fall in the timeline of about 3 to 4 weeks.

What is flexible food packaging?2021-08-09T12:38:03+05:30

What is flexible food packaging?

Flexible food packaging formats include pouches that are non-rigid like stand up pouches, three side seal pouches, Center Seal Pouches, re-closable Spout pouches. They are an alternative to rigid packaging types like plastic bottles, glass bottles, canisters and can be used for liquid, solid or powder products.

What is the minimum quantity for custom printed pouches?2020-09-30T16:38:03+05:30

The minimum order quantity for custom printed pouches is 10,000 units depending on the size & number of designs.


Feel free to contact us on WhatsApp or call at +91-9999496961 / +91-9810004747

What is the minimum quantity requirement for Printed/ Customized Pouches?2021-08-05T17:46:28+05:30

Minimum quantity for manufacturing printed/customized pouches starts from 10000 pcs. This is subject to requirement of pouch type, size and material

What is vacuum testing?2020-09-30T17:02:15+05:30

Vacuum testing is when a pre-made pouch is tested by filling it with air and submerging it in a water bath using a plate to hold it under water. 15 to 20 Hg (inches of mercury) is drawn by vacuum on the tank and the tank is inspected for air bubbles. Air bubbles would indicate air is escaping the pouch and identify any leaks.

Feel free to contact us on Whats App or call at +91-9999496961 / +91-9810004747

or simply drop a mail at info@duropackindia.com

What is wicketing?2020-10-09T11:18:05+05:30

Designed for wicket bagger machines, wicketed pouches are premade pouches with holes at the top designed for hanging on wickets. Wicketed pouches are grouped together and loaded on wickets. This allows them to be loaded onto a wicket bagger machine for filling (or they can also be manually filled).

What makes flexible packaging flexible?2021-08-09T12:33:15+05:30

What makes flexible packaging flexible?

Flexible packaging is a means of packaging products through the use of non-rigid materials, which allow for more economical and customizable options. This packaging method uses a variety of flexible materials, including foil, plastic, and kraft paper, to create pouches, bags, and other pliable product containers.

Who should use Frosted Transparent Stand Up Pouches2021-08-09T12:39:43+05:30

Who should use Frosted Transparent Stand Up Pouches?

Anyone in need a touch of subtle elegance with this new addition to our stock line. These Frosted Transparent Stand-Up Pouches imitate the appearance of sandblasted glass, which set aside your product to be seen through semi-transparent covers. If you’re looking for a more tasteful and fashionable look to the traditional clear packaging materials, this is an ideal option, providing just the right amount of product exposure.

These are extremely versatile stand up pouches with Zipper whether you are looking for health and beauty packaging, snack packaging, or spice packaging, this frosted bags add a delicate touch to your products. A subtle frost effect, with a big impact.

The Duropack’s Doypack collection is recyclable, water-resistant, and heat sealable. Our frosted bags are designed to keep your products fresh in an airtight environment using food grade material. They are ideal for specialty food products and other nonfood items.

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