The pouch packaging industry has experienced many changes and upgrades over the recent years, with new technologies and methodologies being researched and implemented every day. In this ever-changing landscape, three side seal pouches continue to be the qualitative and quantitative choice of the industry.

How Spout Pouches are revolutionizing the Liquid Packaging industry?

The aptly named three side seal pouches are sealed from three sides while keeping one side open. They are manufactured from a single piece of film and sealed on the remaining two sides, with the top being left open for filling in the content and later for taking the content out. Duropack is proud to offer the three side seal pouch to various clients.

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Three side seal pouches are extremely customizable in that the 4th/open side can be heat sealed or sealed with a zipper or sealed while providing a handle hold depending on product requirements.

Reasons to use three side seal pouches:

  • It is one of the best choices which ensures less spillage and more storage and product quantity.
  • The design is user-friendly and space convenient.
  • Extremely easy to pack in boxes/cases.
  • Can be easily custom printed.
  • These pouches are gaining even more popularity as brands start to make the packaging pretty to look at, coming in gloss, matte or clear finishing.
  • The pouches provide ample room for branding.
  • The scaled-up filling volume is aesthetically pleasing and adds market value to the pouches.
  • It can be manufactured for products as small as 10g to as large as 10kg. 
  • The seal can be as narrow as to fit a product like a toothbrush or as wide as for a product that might need scooping.
Resealable Zipper

It is due to the above reasons that many companies looking for cost-effective and reasonable pouch packaging solutions are opting for three side seal pouches more and more nowadays.

We at Duropack Limited ensure that we give the best quality three side sealed pouches to our customers, printed pouches and non printed pouches, in various sizes and low MOQs.

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