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Jar Shaped Pouches

Jar Zipper Pouches

Jar Shape Pouches with Zipper

These Jar Shaped Pouches are widely used in packing gift items, food or eatables items and more such products.

We are #1 company in the market to offer Jar shaped pouches at competetive prices.

These Pouches are primarily used for Chocolate or candy packaging, Snacks and Pet food packaging.

Our pouches are made using world-class materials and the latest technology to further ensure the best feel and finish.

Variations of Jar Shaped Stand Up Pouch

Both Side Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch
One Side Kraft Paper, One Side Clear Stand Up Pouch

Why Jar Pouches/ Stand Up Jar Pouches/ Transparent Jar Pouches/ Jar Shaped Pouches/ Zipper Jar Pouches?

If you’re having trouble deciding whether your business should use Jar pouches, consider the following important factors:

Advantages of using Jar Shaped Pouches :-

  • 100% Leakage proof & Puncture Resistant

  • Innovative way to stand out on retail shelves

  • More handy & convenient to use

  • Stand up feature can enhance aesthetic appeal

  • Great option for hot and Cold Beverages


i) Used for packaging FMCG products like Candies, Hot & Cold Bevrages , Millets, Sugar-Coated Dry Fruits, Pet foods.
ii) A Colored Sticker or Label can be applied for personalized branding.
iii) Available with and without Zipper
iv) Can attach one-way degassing Valves for coffee beans packaging


jar standup pouch white bg

Small Jar Shaped Zipper Pouch

i) Comes in brown paper and white paper
ii) Metallised from inside for enhanced barrier properties
iii) Multi-layered structure combinations of KRAFT Paper, MET PET & PE

Big Jar Shaped Pouch with Zipper

i) Extra clarity rectangle window allows contents to be partly visible
ii) Multi-layer structure combinations of KRAFT Paper, PE, CPP & PET

jar standup pouch white bg

Sizes available:

W x L + BG W x L + BG Sugar/ Pulses Almonds Coffee Beans Water
1 140 x 210 5.3″ x 8.27″ 250 g 50 g 30 g 100 ml
2 195 x 225 7.68″ x 10″ 500 g 100 g 50 g 175 ml

FAQs | Duropack Limited | Custom Flexible Packaging Solutions

What is vacuum testing?2020-09-30T17:02:15+05:30

Vacuum testing is when a pre-made pouch is tested by filling it with air and submerging it in a water bath using a plate to hold it under water. 15 to 20 Hg (inches of mercury) is drawn by vacuum on the tank and the tank is inspected for air bubbles. Air bubbles would indicate air is escaping the pouch and identify any leaks.

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or simply drop a mail at info@duropackindia.com

What is wicketing?2020-10-09T11:18:05+05:30

Designed for wicket bagger machines, wicketed pouches are premade pouches with holes at the top designed for hanging on wickets. Wicketed pouches are grouped together and loaded on wickets. This allows them to be loaded onto a wicket bagger machine for filling (or they can also be manually filled).

Can stock pouches be custom printed?2020-09-23T17:37:07+05:30

Printing is done when the packaging is still in a roll stock format. Therefore any printing on pouches is considered to be a custom packaging project.

Does Duropack Limited use the Rotogravure Printing process, and what does this technology involve?2020-09-25T17:10:26+05:30

Yes, Duropack Limited utilizes the rotogravure printing process. With gravure printing, an image is etched into the surface of a metal plate. The etched area is filled with ink and then the plate is rotated on a cylinder that transfers the image to the film or other material. Gravure printing offers some of the best resolution and picture quality in the industry.

Feel free to contact us to know more.

What is the minimum quantity for custom printed pouches?2020-09-30T16:38:03+05:30

The minimum order quantity for custom printed pouches is 10,000 units depending on the size & number of designs.


Feel free to contact us on WhatsApp or call at +91-9999496961 / +91-9810004747

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