Who should use Frosted Transparent Stand Up Pouches?

Anyone in need a touch of subtle elegance with this new addition to our stock line. These Frosted Transparent Stand-Up Pouches imitate the appearance of sandblasted glass, which set aside your product to be seen through semi-transparent covers. If you’re looking for a more tasteful and fashionable look to the traditional clear packaging materials, this is an ideal option, providing just the right amount of product exposure.

These are extremely versatile stand up pouches with Zipper whether you are looking for health and beauty packaging, snack packaging, or spice packaging, this frosted bags add a delicate touch to your products. A subtle frost effect, with a big impact.

The Duropack’s Doypack collection is recyclable, water-resistant, and heat sealable. Our frosted bags are designed to keep your products fresh in an airtight environment using food grade material. They are ideal for specialty food products and other nonfood items.