Why Holograms

Holographic Packaging Films
Holographic Gift-Wrapping Films
Security Holograms (Stickers)
Hot Stamping Foils & Tapes

A hologram refers to the flat picture that displays a multi (2 D or 3 D)  dimensional images which has parallax and depth to be able to see at different angles. Holograms can be made from any artwork, provided by you or can be designed in house as per the customer demands.

Holographic Packaging Films
(Width: Upto 1000mm)

Holographic films are wide width films with multi dimensional graphics to give reflection patterns. Holographic designs are over printed with brand graphics to bring about a combination of brand security, enhancement glamour and attention to the product.
The visual appeal has unconditionally recognized by advertising and marketing world as the single most reliable mode of consumer attraction on crowded super market shelves for product identity.

Holographic Gift-Wrapping Films

Holographic Gift-Wrapping films are wide-width sheets with magnificent rainbow color effects. Being stuny in nature, it attracts attention to the gift items.

It can be made into any number of different designs, your company logos, any other message as per the occasion and use. It can be laminated along with polyester / poly laminate.

These gift wrapping sheets can also be made into gift bags, envelops, boxes and been corporated for any decorative and mass appeal ideas for festive occasions.  

Security Holograms (Stickers)

Security holograms or holographic stickers are produced with 2D / 3D  computer-generated effect embossed on polyester film having multi-layered, multi-colored dimension with product specified pattern to beat counter-feiting. It is highly recommended solution to out do forgery and duplication as they are TAMPER FREE. Being attractive in nature, they are also used in greeting cards, visiting cards, wedding cards etc. or can glass decorating brand and document security.

They are self-adhesive small sized stickers which can be stuck on your packet, pouch or bottle of your product, clearly showing your hologram design on it giving surety to your customer of its genuity.

Holograms (Stickers) are made as - 
> 2D/3D image
> Dot-matrix image
> Stereogram image
> Multilayer image
> Holograms with secret laser identification mark  
> Holograms with flip image

Hot Stamping Foils & Tapes

Hot Stamping Foils and Tapes run along the width / length of the packaging material. It is extremely cost effective. It is an in between solution to holographic films and stickers can be made of various sizes in plain and self-adhesive coated.

These are tape form for on-line hologram applicator machine.


Holocaps are another form of holograms, custom made with name of the product, logo on as the specification demands, used mainly for the protection against duplication in bottles form of consumer goods. It is generally put along the seal above the bottle as in medicine bottles, beauty products, lubricants, oil bottle etc.

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