Packaging Films

Hologram Stickers

The best and most prevalent seal of foolproof security & guarantee for genuiness & quality.

  • Size : Minimum of 10mm side.
  • Shape : Regular - Round, Rectangle, Square, Oval etc.
  • Surface : Can be affixed on any oil-free / powder free / even surface.
  • Color : Silver or any other colored foil.
  • Supply : Supplied in sheet / roll form
  • Application : Holograms are affixed manually on to the surface of application. A worker can affix 5000 stickers approximately in a day. Applicator machine are available for affixing holograms automatically for very high volumes.

Other complex things you can incorporate in your hologram for high security application.

  • Micro Text
  • Laser Hidden Information
  • Laser Numbering

Holographic Films

Holographic film design are overprinted with brand graphics to give your packaging an unparallel security, enhanced visual appeal and solid identity.

Extremely cost effective, these films add value to packaging by making it look outstanding in crowded supermarkets

Can be incorporated with polyester / poly laminates which can be further made into rolls, pouches and boxes as per the need.

Holographic Gift Wrapping Films

Wide width sheets up to 1000 mm with amazing rainbow color effect. Can be cut and supplied in any sizes as per your need. Your designs, company logo or any other message ca be incorporated in them as per your requirement.

  • They can also be fashioned into shopping bags.
  • They can be laminated along with polyester / poly laminates.
  • These are ideal for gift packaging, envelopes, corporate promotions and special occasions.

Holographic Tapes

These holographic tapes run along the length and width of the packaging.

  • Minimum width - 10mm
  • Supplied in a roll form.
  • On-line application during the manufacturing process films, Pouch, Box, Bottle Packaging etc.
  • Most cost effective for high volume jobs.
  • Available with pressure sensitive adhesive or hot melt adhesive as per the requirement.

Holographic Hot Stamping Foils

Holograms can be embossed on hot stamping foil. Holographic design of your choice or your company's logo or some pattern can be incorporated on these foils.

  • Foils are the most versatile application option.
  • They can be stamped on paper, plastic or leather etc.
  • In paper form, they can run along the length / width of your product's packaging.

Holographic Shrink Sleeves

  • Used as Bottle necks, with holographic tear strip having company seal or logo.
  • Serving the purpose of securing the bottle and brand.
  • Shrink labels with hologram stickers & tapes.