Stand Up Pouch

What is a Stand Up Pouch?

Stand Up Pouch is a key premium packaging product used widely across many sectors. These pouches can stand on their own, with the help of a bottom gusset. A Stand Up Pouch is an advanced replacement of traditional bag-in-box packaging. We make customized stand up pouches with or without a zipper, as per your requirement.

Advantages of stand up pouch

  1. Have ability to hold more volume
  2. Add to your brand’s shelf appeal, enabling them to stand out in the clutter
  3. Flexible, portable, reusable and easy to store pouches
  4. Zipper Pouches do not qualify under single use plastics


Our multi-layered laminates provide ultimate product protection, optimal chemical resistance and high oxygen barrier across our wide range of Stand Up Pouches.


How to measure a Stand Up Pouch?

Our Stand Up Pouch Range